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The Korean Public Administration Review (KPAR), which has published quarterly volumes since its establishment in 1967, is the official journal of the Korean Association for Public Administration(KAPA). As a scholarly journal, KPAR not only hold the highest authority in the field of public administration in South Korea, but also in social science. Since the National Research Foundation of Korea began evaluating journals, KPAR has been listed in the Korea Citation Index (KCI) journal index.

한국행정학회 온라인논문투고 한국행정학회 한국행정학회

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Current Issue
Preliminary study on Confucian meritocracy and personnel appointment during the Chosǒn Dynasty
조선의 인사임용제도와 유교적 실적주의에 관한 시론적 고찰

차세영 Cha Seyeong

55(2) 1-28, 2021


Contextual analysis of resident autonomy concept in practical and academic language communities
일상적 실천공동체와 학술공동체의 ‘주민자치’ 개념의 맥락적 분석

곽현근 Kwak Hyon Kun

55(2) 29-53, 2021


COVID-19, Care Injustice, Care Inclusive State
코로나19, 돌봄부정의, 돌봄포용국가

김희강 Kim Hee-kang , 박선경 Park Sunkyoung

55(2) 55-80, 2021


Necessity of leveraging retired public officials’ expertise and preference for the post-employment restrictive period
퇴직공무원의 전문성 활용 필요성과 취업제한 기간에 대한 선호

이재완 Lee Jaewan

55(2) 81-106, 2021


The impacts of good governance and institutions on the productivity of general government expenditure on economic affairs: With application to OECD member countries
정부경제지출의 생산성에 좋은 거버넌스와 제도가 미치는 영향: OECD 회원국을 중심으로

유금록 Yoo Keum-rok

55(2) 107-153, 2021


Environmental dynamism and span of control of street-level bureaucracy: An organizational analysis of fire stations of Korea
환경의 역동성과 일선행정기관의 통솔범위: 소방서 조직의 분석

권태욱 Kwon Taeuk

55(2) 155-181, 2021


Investigating subjective perceptions of the ambiguity and complexity of public officials’ accountability: Focusing on the Military Manpower Administration’s Social Service Corps Training Center
공직자의 책임 모호성과 복잡성에 관한 주관적 인식 탐구: 병무청 사회복무 연수센터 공직자를 중심으로

은종환 Eun Jonghwan

55(2) 183-215, 2021


Convergence or divergence as a result of policy diffusion: Focus on the municipal participatory budget system
정책확산 결과로서의 수렴 또는 분화: 기초자치단체 주민참여예산제를 대상으로

이석환 Lee Sock Hwan

55(2) 217-250, 2021


The Compounding Effects of Characteristics of Environmental Policy on Innovation: Focusing on Environmental Policy Stringency (EPS) and Market-Based Instruments
환경정책의 특성과 혁신에 관한 연구: 환경정책의 강도(stringency)와 시장유인적 정책수단을 중심으로

석조은 Seok Jo-eun , 이정희 Lee Jeonghee

55(2) 251-276, 2021


Appeals acceptance for police officers’ discipline: A comparison to the other public officers
경찰공무원 징계처분의 소청인용에 관한 연구: 비경찰공무원과의 비교를 중심으로

장재성 Jang Jaesung , 정지수 Jeong Jisu

55(2) 277-302, 2021