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Welcome message from the new Editor-in-Chief

I’m very much honored to serve as the Editor-in-Chief for Korean Public Administration Review (KPAR) which has been a highly respected journal in the field of public administration.

As a leading journal of Korean Public Administration Association, the Korea Public Administration Review (KPAR) aims to maintain the institutional heritage and excellency. We urge public administration community to contribute academic papers in the following areas.

  • 1.Beyond the mimics of foreign theories, the KPAR recommends to develop unique theories that may explain and address appropriately Korean public administration problems. Especially, special attention needs to be paid to the areas of history and philosophy of Korean public administration.
  • 2.Aiming to narrow the gap between theory and practice of Korean public administration, the KPAR calls for the current issues and authoritative opinions to provide timely solutions
  • 3.By publishing new theories and practices of Korean public administration, the KPAR intends to improve Korean society.

Kim, keun sei
Korean Public Administration Review

Department of Public Administration
Sungkyunkwan University