The Korean Association For Public Administration

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Organizational Profile

The Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA), established in 1956, is the largest and most prominent professional association in the field of public administration in Korea. KAPA encourages excellence in research, teaching, and practice in the field of public policy and public management

KAPA’s membership includes individual and institutional members, practitioners, scholars, and students. With a diverse membership composed of more than 1,500 practitioners, teachers, students, and institutions, KAPA has emerged as the focal point for intellectual and professional interactions, thereby serving as the principal arena for linking thought and practice within the field of public administration.

KAPA operates through its annual quarterly academic conferences, newsletters, the International Review of Public Administration(in English), and the Korean Review of Public Administration(in Korean).

KAPA Chapters

KAPA has seven regional chapters which are the backbone of the organization. Regional chapter programs and activities provide the primary interaction of many members with KAPA.

KAPA Sections

Sections offer members the chance to meet and interact with other professionals, who are concerned with the same substantive area of public administration. Currently, there are seven sections operating in conjunction with KAPA: the Personnel Administration Section, Public Finance Section, Public Policy Section, Organization Studies Section, Electronic Government Section, Local Government Section, and History of Public Administration among scholars in the same area, sections sponsor sessions in KAPA’ s quarterly conferences.